Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Today is a Mother's Day for everyone who is a mom for anything you could name it.

Last week,  I went for a photo shoot with this wonderful lady who is a Step Mom for this beautiful 5 year old girl who she would call her Mama.    It was a hot day but we manage to get some good photo. As the photo proves how much patience you had during the time of Heat waves,  Keira's being tired, and Hard to find the right spots that would make her mellow in her own comfort zone. 

As This lady name Karli, she wanted something to remember and make herself feel proud of her accomplishment being a step mom. 

You have no idea, How Keira is blessed to have you in her life. You have no idea how Keira glows when she's around you. She knows that she is in safe arm around you. When I was with her, I can see all the love she see in you guys. Keep up good work being Step mom. It might be a hard journey but you did amazing, I bet people will agree.

Being Step mom would be a difficult journey as to get know this child and give the love for this child.  You have excessed the expectation and Keira has already got all the loves, blessing from you and the family. 

With the photo you see,  Keira would do things that she loves , the same way as Karli Love. 

Once again , Thank you for choosing MVAphotography, It was lots of fun working with you guys despite the heatwave but we made it through. 

Keira look up to her Mama

Mama give all her loves as much she can 

Even around the different surround, Mama made sure Keira feel safe.

Keira show her love for Mama even she not looking.

The ladies who know how to pose beautifully
Talk the day away and laugh together.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Jamelena Mari- Model Photo Session

Sunday April 15, 2018

Today, we met with Jamelena Mari ( JM)  and her mom Mari- Len for a Model Photo shoot.

Jamelena wanted to get some model photo to submit for a model contest that is coming up this May.

So we did 6  different outfits with many different pose.  JM  is a really NATURAL talent in posing for model as she recent graduate Model school.

It was our first time to do the model photo shoot, and it was fun and we did really enjoy doing it.

We were amazed how beautiful JM is in every outfits and with her posing. So after the shooting, we send the photo to them next day.  JM and her mom was very delight and so pleasant with the photo.

After sending the photo, they send out the photo that they really like and send to the model agency.

I got the message from JM mom,  as The Model Agency has reach out to her and she made into the semi final with two photo and will be going into final at the Forks this May for the model contest.

Wish her a good luck!

I will only share few photo.   First two is the photo that got herself into semi final.  Congrats JM. Cant wait to hear about the final!

Thank again for choosing MVAPhotography to do your session.

Rhonda & Gene Engagement Photo Session

Saturday April 14, 2018

We went to the Forks - Esplanade Riel Bridge then walk down to the forks.

Rhonda & Gene got engaged while ago and wanted to have simple sweet Engagement photo session so they could have a photo for their invitation card.

So exciting for them to get married this August. Time is coming up soon.

So here is some cute photo of their engagement photo. Love one with their daughter,  I bet she's delight that her parent will get married and becoming family.

Weather was perfect and beautiful, minus the snow on ground but we were able to capture many good photos.  

 See last photo of the Ring, GOOD PICK Gene!! So beautiful and it suits Rhonda.

Enjoy your engagement Rhonda & Gene.  

Thank you for choosing Mvaphotography

Friday, June 3, 2016

Birthmarks with Jodi Knox

This beautiful lady name Jodi Knox, she has been my friend for a long time.  She came to us and wanted to have a photo shoot, mostly focus on her birthmark.  Why birthmarks you asked?   She was born with birthmark on her neck, arm and some on her back.  Beautiful marks you could ever see.  God has a reason why she has those marks. 

She shared us the story about why she want the photo session focus on her birthmarks. We were touched by her stories.  Let her tell her story and for you to see the picture and understand the story.

God is amazing who created this beautiful lady with the birthmarks.

"Hey is that chocolate milk on your neck?" "Nope it's a birthmark, when God made me he did some finger painting!" "Oh, cool, wanna play?"
As a kid when birthmark questions came my way I was never embarrassed or ashamed because I really did think my birthmark was cool, something to be celebrated, bragged about even.  Birthmarks have long been covered up, removed or hidden.  It is time to celebrate the priceless masterpiece that you are, because it truly is a part of what makes you special and unique.  Join me and celebrate your own unique birthmarks. 
Instagram - birthmarkgal

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Session with Baby Abel - March 2014

One of my greatest friend had a baby boy, he was born on February 2,2014.

 I finally got a chance to meet him and I can't describe how CUTE he is.

We had an session with Abel on March 2014, He was one of easy baby to do the session with. 

Let me introduce to baby Abel Yorobe Brez.

Abel, He was one of easy baby to work with. 

Lets see some photo of Abel.  

Only Post few pictures

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Update with MVAphotography

So Sorry for being so behind on Blogs,  It has been a busy year for us at MVAphotography.  We have been busy with our Jobs, Family, Schooling, Moving and Traveling.

                                                                    Few Updates

-We started going to school at Prairie View Photography School Since April 29, 2014 and we are done on June 17.  Can't believe that we are done with school for Photography 101

- Been busy with school assignments.

- Baby Session with Baby Abel on March 2014.

- Got 4 cute props for photography for newborns/babies and lots more stuff from my mom.  (Thanks to my wonderful friend who got those amazing hats from the Blue Giraffe Props and to my wonderful mom who make so many things for this photography) 

- Mini session with Meghan and Owyn.

- Session with Dustan family.

- Family Session with Dawn-Marie

- We went on a road trip to Ontario for family reunion and some other events. It was an awesome summer for us.

- We have moved to new home this year and starting to get everything in place and settled in.

We are able to do some session at our home as we have bigger space, more props stuff to use.

-We also got some new stuff to add into our Photography business. 

Like always, we say that we are flexible to do many kind of photographs such as Portraits, Family, Newborns, Babies, Engagements ,Wedding and any kind of events.  If you want a photographs with us this summer, you better book a session ASAP for June and some in July and August.  Please BOOK IN ADVANCE  

We will post next blog with pictures of those session we had. 

There will be more blogs coming up such as our photos from our class and some other sessions.  ENJOY.. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Secret Maternity Photo Shoot with Sherra Yorobes

We had an awesome session with Sherra, who is expecting a child coming up this January 26,2014. 
Looking forward to meet this bundle of joy. 

For the session, our original plan was just do some photo of her maternity. She came with some awesome idea and thought why not do some surprise session for her partner for Christmas.  It was an amazing session, amazing experience I have ever DONE!  We did some nudity photo and many more.  All the picture turns out AMAZING,  as everything was my favorites, Hard to pick the best one!    

She was the first client that worked for us and ever since, she always has been my FIRST for everything.  Thank you Sherra for letting me try and make this happen.

We really had so much fun, so much laugh and we were in comfort zone and was able to blend in with all ideas, and felt like home when she was able do some nudity.  ( It was just Me and Sherra for this session)  But Michael was amazing to help setting up the studio backdrop and lights etc to make this happen and was able to share some ideas as well. 

Once again, website wont be posted till after holiday, because some picture I want show, but it has to remain secret for her partner.

Sherra's comments:

"Just did a secret maternity shoot with MVAphotography for my partner’s Christmas present. I can’t say enough positive things about their professionalism and creativity during this shoot. They incorporated my ideas with theirs and we ended up with some really great photos that my partner and I (and even our little one) will enjoy for many years to come! Some of my ideas had me stepping out of my comfort zone but MVAphotography was more than willing to accommodate and made this shoot so comfortable for me that we could successfully accomplish what I had in mind in a very classy and tasteful way. Thanks again MVAphotography for your hard work, for the experience, and for the awesome shots!!!"

©2013 MVAphotography. Do not copy, edit, crop or print these images.

We, MVAphotography wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014.
Michael & Vanecia Austria

Session with Abe & Anna Friesen

We had two session with those sweet couples name Abe & Anna Friesen.

They celebrated their 61th marriage anniversary.  They are very LOVEABLE people. Once you meet them, you will love them for their sense of humor, love and their joy spirit. 

First session we did was outside, and it was really COLD. They were very brave not to wear jacket but we were able to capture some good pictures quickly.  

Second Session was taken at their place,  we were able to capture every "MOMENTS" they always love to do everyday. 

Their favorite thing to do is: 
  • Play Scrabble
  • Guitar and some other music
  • knitting
  • be together
  • working at the wood shop
  • riding bike
  • laugh
  • love
  • read bible
  • go for a walk
  • cooking
  • and MANY MORE 

It is really pleasant to have them as our Grandparent in our families. 

We would also want to say many thanks to this person who generously paid this session for them because they just do deserve the session and they have been married so long,  so its nice to have a picture they can cherish their memories. 

Here some photo,  Website will be shown later after the holiday. 
 ©2013 MVAphotography. Do not copy, edit, crop or print these images.

We, MVAphotography wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014.

Michael & Vanecia Austria

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Updating with MVA Photography

Summer has arrived, we have been extremely busy with business,work and life.

However,  now is the right time to do some blogging.

We would like to give you some update about our Journey at AMYC. 

April 30, 2013: We have graduate as Business Partner at AMYC (Art of Managing Your Career). We have been taking 13 week course with among other people. This course for AMYC  has been very beneficial for us, I would like to thank Heather Bishop for the great teaching and for having 7 of us who are Deaf participants in this course among with other hearing participants.

In the course, we learn those to achieve our business plan.
  • Envision and develop a career strategy
  • Create a business plan
  • Market and promote your work
  • Manage a project
Manage your financial affairs

  • Manage legal matters

  • Communicate effectively
  • Develop effective business skills  
 In between those course, we have changed our Website, Logo, and our Photography Name from The Austria to MVA Photography. We learn that this name is suitable for us and better way to promote.  Since we change, there has been a huge change in our business. I would thank this AMYC course to open our eye and see the true of business and becoming a better business person.

Our new Profile Statement

Our Ultimate Goals:
MVA Photography preserves for all time the moments people treasure.

Our Profile Statement
Preserving for all time those memories that we have treasure is the passion behind MVA Photography. Like magicians Michael and Vanecia Austria quietly observe life and capture the real moments that others miss. They are dedicated to working closely with each client as co-creators to ensure the finest images.

Our Mission Statement
To collaborate with our clients in the creative process, thus ensuring the finest images.

Our Vision Statement
Here at MVA Photography, we believe in capturing not only an image of our clients but their personalities as well.

Our Identity Statement
MVA Photography was launched in 2011 with the vision of capturing real life before it slips by us.

Our New Logo:

Hope you all will enjoy our new Business Name, logo and website. There will be more change coming. Keep your eye open for it.

Our Website:

Thank you for your time to read and understand our new change at the MVA Photography.  Thanks for your support, encourage and being the great fans/ clients. 

Looking forward to work with you and make this happening for a change.

MVA Photography

Michael & Vanecia Austria

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peter & Melinda Rempel's Wedding

Hello Everyone, Hope everyone had a great summer of 2012.

We have been busy during the summer including doing this one beautiful wedding, It is really SIMPLE wedding that we have gone to and do the sessions with Peter & Melinda. During those wedding, the weather was absolutely beautiful, perfect for a backyard wedding. 

Michael and I(Vanecia) worked together and agreed where we should be taking the shots and be able to catch every moments of the bride and groom.  There was no limitations as everyone was able to enjoy their day at the wedding. 

Peter and Melinda has so much surprises for every guest as they entered with a music, Melinda sing a song to Peter then escort with a few dances along to the altar with their Marriage of Commissioner. They were exchanging a vows, their dog was able to be in every shots, every steps of their journey to a new marriage life. After the wedding, they still dance their way to the bartender and got a nice cold drink and enjoy meet and greet the guests. Coming for a more surprise,  the Groom decide to go for a dip in the pool with the kids and friends.  They had so much BLAST. It was a perfect way to end the day swimming in hot weather.

Everyone enjoy their meals, It was pretty delicious food from CJL Catering and the wonderful cake making from Nachelle's Cakes.  The night enclosed with many fun, many loves, and many memories to be made!

Congrats Peter & Melinda,  We would like to say MANY thanks for inviting and choosing MVA Photography to shoot your big day. It was beautiful wedding.